I was born in Dnipro , Ukraine and moved to Reno , NV in 2004.
In 2021 moved to Setubal , Portugal .

I have been painting all my life , starting with Ukrainian folk floral patterns , called Petrykivka , which I’m using on Christmas ornaments now. Basically I am self taught as an artist. My style is mix of Impressionism and Realism.

My Art – is always a reflection of things which inspire me in my every day life. Very often I see things in simple places and it catch’s my eye and the moment freezes in time …. it is beautiful and never repeated again, and this is my inspiration to capture this very moment for my painting. I love life , and I don’t have one preference of style , but the biggest inspirations are – people , animals and nature, especially water of any kind : still and moving, a little creek and the ocean…. reflections of light and surrounding nature , trees , mountains. 
My new art style “Fantasy” – is a combination of nature , wildlife and people, shifting colors and forms, spiritual. Everything connected in this world , we are all depend on each other, and I want to show my feelings about it through my art.

Magic happens with every brushstroke , I enjoy painting, it takes me away from everyday routines.

People say : “ Life – is not a holiday….” , but , guess what , it seems like my life – is a holiday , because 12 months in a year I’m painting Christmas ornaments. This experience started back in Ukraine in 2001 , and I successfully continue to paint ornaments, using new techniques and patterns. They are special gifts for holidays and also wonderful for any other occasion.
Feel free to contact me , I will be happy to paint for You.